• PVE
  • 12K Map
  • 50 pop
  • Our Minecraft Network was started in May 2017. Averaging over 70 unique new users a week, we currently offer the most unique survival experience. Players who join our Minecraft network typically stay thanks to our awesome community and our well maintained/lag-free server that we provide.


  • - Custom Terrain: Over 50 new structures to find, spleunk and explore!
  • - Start your community with GriefPrevention or Towny!
  • - McMMO: Grind, Chop, and Slash your way to the top of the leaderboards to unlock perks and special abilities!
  • - Complete Economy: Multiple ways to buy and sell with Auctionhouse, ChestShops and GUI Shops!
  • - Jobs! You can join up to FIVE trades with /jobs browse! Level up and earn more money by completing tasks!
  • - Epic Spawners: Use a silk touch to collect mob spawners. Create mega grinders by stacking them together!
  • - Epic Furnaces: Level your furnaces to increase efficiency, output and conserve fuel!
  • - Custom furnace recipes: Smelt leather from rotten flesh and more!
  • - Minigames: PvP and Spleef arena events!
  • - XP Bottler: Right click any emerald block with a bottle to convert your XP levels to bottle o' enchant.
  • - Lootboxes: Get rewarded for completing tasks, minigames or achievements!
  • - Discord Chat: Converse with anyone in-game through our discord bot, anywhere!
  • - Anticheat & Anti-Xray: Cheaters and Xray players get banned on the spot with our high-end detection systems.
  • Modded Minecraft Server

    Orbonix Lite Official

  • A very unstable modpack and server alike, but fun regardless.
  • Modpack: Link
  • IP:
  • Affiliate - CircleCraft Modded Network

  • Website:
  • Warning: If you get banned or punished on there, you are likely to get banned or punished here.
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